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Our Doula's appointments are programed individually. Please call Doula Irene González (939)334-5999 to schedule yours now.

What's a doula?

The doula, a professional woman, provides support to both the expectant mother and her companion, with a focus on offering emotional, physical, and informational assistance throughout the stages of pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and breastfeeding. Doulas refrain from interfering with medical procedures and do not act as substitutes for midwives. Instead, they collaborate with doctors, gynecologists, or obstetricians to enhance the experience, ensuring it is enjoyable, well-prepared, and educationally enriching during this crucial stage.

Irrespective of whether it's the first or third child, each birth is a unique experience. Numerous studies have explored the advantages of having a doula. While childbirth can be both thrilling and transformative, it can also be overwhelming and challenging. The support provided by a doula can prove immensely beneficial.


  • Reduced duration of labor.

  • Increased likelihood of natural childbirth.

  • Decreased reliance on pain medication.

  • More gratifying birthing experiences.

  • Positive impact on breastfeeding.

Furthermore, the doula actively involves the companion throughout the process, alleviating the pressure of being the sole resolver for every need or situation that may arise during childbirth.

While the primary focus of a doula revolves around childbirth, her wealth of experience allows her to offer support through multiple avenues:

  • Enhancing the mother's physical comfort through touch, massages, or breathing techniques.

  • Providing emotional reassurance, comfort, and encouragement.

  • Offering information about each stage of childbirth, including explanations of procedures.

  • Facilitating communication between the couple and hospital staff.

  • Providing guidance throughout the process.

  • Offering assistance during breastfeeding.


At Vitaliza Infusions, our doula, Irene Gonzalez Reyes, is dedicated to ensuring a positive experience characterized by her compassionate approach, all while prioritizing the safety of the mother, baby, and companion.

We offer orientation, support, and follow-up classes during pregnancy and breastfeeding in two formats:

  • Individualized Sessions

  • Group Sessions

Furthermore, each expectant mother receives tailored and personalized assistance throughout her childbirth journey.

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